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Online IELTS/TEF Preparation

When someone is considering hiring your representation services, it is a great advantage to let them know that they will receive 60 hours of IELTS/TEF lessons for FREE when they sign with you.

As partners, you can pre-purchase our lessons on behalf of your clients for a big discount!

• This is an IELTS/TEF training course where we teach people who already have upper-intermediate/advanced English/French ability how to transmit this knowledge into an IELTS/TEF exam-context.
• This translates into you getting more clients and giving them more immigration options by scoring higher in their IELTS/TEF exam.
• Only you communicate with your client and you will easily give them access yourself.
• Your clients will have 60 days to access the lessons once you create their account.
• We will provide you with digital marketing tools to let your potential clients know about this great service you offer.
• The price you pay ranges between $23-$60 per unit while the general public pays $500 for access to these lessons.

Havin a partnership:

NOT havin a partnership: