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CPD Events

You will be happy to note that we are an ICCRC-approved CPD course provider.

Once you pass the ICCRC Exam and become an RCIC, you will be involved in a lifetime of learning because it is your duty to keep up with all of the immigration changes and to also specialize in the area of immigration law that you are interested in.

Our CPD courses are more focused on the practical side of immigration as they relate to you as a new RCIC.

Joining us you will be able to participate live and/or have access to the videos of the events.

We offer between 16 and 48 ICCRC accredited CPD events every year on a mix of the following topics:

  • Students
  • LMIAs
  • Immigration Changes
  • Language Exams
  • Express Entry
  • OINP
  • Foreign Trade Agreements
  • Working in Canada
  • Caregivers
  • and more!